Adds unit tests for index functions(fixes #299)

Merged Carolina Nilsson requested to merge a002527/climix:feature_unit_tests_for_idx_func into main
  • CountLevelCrossings
  • CountOccurrences
  • CountJointOccurrencesPrecipitationTemperature
  • CountJointOccurrencesTemperature
  • DiurnalTemperatureRange
  • ExtremeTemperatureRange
  • InterdayDiurnalTemperatureRange
  • Percentile
  • Statistics
  • ThresholdedPercentile
  • ThresholdedStatistics
  • RunningStatistics
  • ThresholdedRunningStatistics
  • TemperatureSum

Several test implemented for each index function. Not all index functions passes all tests. The behaviour of some index functions may need to be reviewed in more details.

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