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Support CERRA data and port Climix's CLI to Python

Kristofer Krus requested to merge a002514/climix:support-cerra into main

Do the following things:

  1. Add an optional args argument to main(). If provided, the arguments listed in this list will be parsed in place of arguments taken from the command line. This effectively ports Climix's command line interface (CLI) to Python.

  2. Add the following new aliases, as used by CERRA:

  • pr (precipitation_flux): tp

  • tas (air_temperature): var_2t

  1. Fix CERRA precipitation units and standard name. For CERRA, the units for the precipitation is "kg m**-2". If this unit is detected, change the cube's units to "kg m-2" and the cube's standard name to "precipitation_amount".

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