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Draft: Parametrized integration tests using subset of NGCD dataset (fixes #275)

Joakim Löw requested to merge joakim.low/climix:integration-tests-variant into main

Added integration/regression tests for climix with input from the NGCD dataset.

Dataset folders and input file patterns are specified in tests/integration/configuration.yml, and lists in tests/integration/ are used to parameterize test functions in tests/integration/ Example usages:

# Run all tests

# Run only integrations tests
pytest tests/integration

# Run only climix integration tests with ngcd data
pytest tests -k "test_ngcd_reg"
# or
pytest tests/integration/

# Run only climix integration tests with ngcd data for index cdd
pytest tests -k "test_ngcd_reg and cdd"
# or
pytest tests/integration/ -k "cdd"

Indices tested are: cdd, cfd, csu, cwd, dtr, fd, id, prcptot, r1mm, r10mm, r20mm, rx1day, sdii, su, tnn, tnx, tr, txn, txx

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