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Read Clix meta version and add information in cube output attribute (fixes #284)

Joakim Löw requested to merge joakim.low/climix:clix-meta-version into main
  • Added dataclass Distribution used by dataclass IndexDefinition in Distribution information (name and version) is read from specified index definition yaml-file.
  • Added distribution block to SMHI_extra.yml:
  name: SMHI_extra
  version: 1.0
  • Added INDEX_DEFINITION and CF_CONVENTIONS_VERSION to global output attribute Conventions template, example output:
:software = "Climix-0.17.0+6.g115aa38" ;
:Conventions = "CF-1.7 clix-meta-0.5.1" ;

Note: the distribution is currently not required to be present in an index definition file, and if missing, will not be included in Conventions.

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