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Added command line argument -f to specify an external metadata file (fixes #228)

A command line argument -f has been added such that external metadata files can be added from the command line, e.g, climix -f ./path/to/my_project_index_definition.yaml or climix -f ./path/to/my_project_index_definition.yaml -f ./path/to/another_project_index_definition.yaml or climix -f "./path/to/my project index definition.yaml"

  • The last specified external file will be used as the definition if there are multiple definitions.

  • The names for the indices and variables are checked for multiple occurrences and information messages are printed specifying which indices/variables that have been replaced giving the path to the current definition.

  • The command line -f is optional, such that if it is not used no external file will be added. It will still check and inform for multiple occurrences of indices/variables in the other files.

This fixes the main functionality discussed in issue #228 (closed). There is also a suggestion about a mechanism to overwrite individual parameters, like period, from the command line. This should probably be discussed in issue #229 (closed) since more details are needed.

Edited by Carolina Nilsson

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