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Draft:Test module

Joakim Löw requested to merge joakim.low/climix:test-support into main

I've added test functions for the index_functions/ module. Some comments:

  • I'm using helper classes inheriting the mixin classes to test them (the mixin classes).
  • Added CubeHelper and CoordHelper classes wrapped in fixtures in for helping with producing testdata (cubes and coords), I'm planning to use them for the other modules in index_functions/* as well.

I've started adding tests for index_functions/ but want some feedback before I get ahead of myself. Do the test approach seem ok this far? An alternative would be to work with test-classes instead of test-functions, the iris project seems to do that. Do you have any preference either way?

Also, I'll add an issue for this merge before un-drafting it.

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