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Index sdii (closes #7)

Lars Bärring requested to merge a001257/climix:index-sdii into master

it runs to end, but

  • it is very slow O(10 min) for the following test
climix -x sdii /home/rossby/imports/obs/EOBS/EOBS19/EUR-10/input/day/pr_EUR-10_EOBS19e_obs_r1i1p1_ECAD_v1_day_195{0,1}*.nc
Cluster ready; starting main program.
/home/sm_lbarr/CODE/climix/climix/ UserWarning: Warning: converting a masked element to nan.
  return float(res)
Calculation took 573.5797 seconds.
Press enter to close the cluster 

where the input data is masked to land area and according to annually varying data coverage (which might help to explain the warning).

  • it seems that the conversion from input cube precip data units (kg m-2 s-1) to output units (mm day-1) does not work properly. All output values are way too low despite the mean must be >= 1 mm day-1. Multiplying output with 86400 seems to fix this. Units in output file are correct though. This should probably be fixed at a more general level for maximum efficiency and to cove with otehr index_functions (such as all the simple stats ones).
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