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......@@ -261,5 +261,5 @@ However, a comparison with data already published by other institutes on ESGF in
[14] Found at `/nobackup/rossby22/rossby/joint_exp/eucp/sm_timkr/arcpath_hindcasts_cmorized`
[15] Found at `/nobackup/rossby24/proj/rossby/joint_exp/eucp/sm_timkr/HR-hindcasts_cmorized`
[16] Found at `/nobackup/rossby25/proj/rossby/joint_exp/large_ensemble/releases`
[17] Data at `/proj/s-cmip/smhi/releases/heap-43-pict-extension`. Related erratum:
[17] Data at `/proj/s-cmip/smhi/releases/heap-43-pict-extension`. [Related erratum](
[18] cmorize only monthly and daily frequencies
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