Commit a720e5a7 authored by Tomas Pettersson's avatar Tomas Pettersson 🏸

fixed floating buoy use case

parent eda90500
"setting": {
"start": "STARTDATE",
"stop": "ENDDATE",
"mode": "Normal",
"end": "ENDDATE",
"calculationMode": "Normal",
"outletType": "MULTIPOINT",
"forecastMethod": "NEMO",
"forwardCalculation": "true",
"amount": "100.0",
"amountUnit": "m3",
"oilclass": "Floating object \/ Algae",
"calculationType": "Floating object \/ Algae",
"substance": "Floating object, file",
"fresh": "false",
"instantaneous": "true",
"outletPoints": "1",
"uncertainty": "false",
"winddrag": "1",
"depth": "0",
\ No newline at end of file
\ No newline at end of file
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