Commit d2c9080e authored by Paulo V C Medeiros's avatar Paulo V C Medeiros
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Add simple benchmark

parent 8291c911
# Cleanup
rm -rf ${input_files_dir} out*.db dump.sql *.db-journal
# Create input files
mkdir -p input_files
for i in $(seq $n_files); do
cp template_db/template.db ${input_files_dir}/db${i}.db
# Create a list of input files similar to how Ulf is doing
# Useful for reference on how to modify the current scripts
input_files_list=`find ${input_files_dir} -type f -name '*.db'`
echo 'Testing with "ATTACH DATABASE" strategy'
time ./ ${input_files_list} -o output_with_attach.db
echo ''
echo 'Testing with ".dump" strategy'
time ./ ${input_files_list}
rm -rf ${input_files_dir} dump.sql *.db-journal
echo ''
echo 'Done.'
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