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Draft version 0.1

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# metcoop-wg-backend
MetCoOp Working Group Backend repository
DRAFT v. 0.1
MetCoOp WG Backend has been established to design unified interfaces to each institutes’ data.
The group has two ultimate goals:
1. Every institute has opportunity to use each other’s data as an operational backup and as part of meteorologists’ workflow
Every institute’s open data is shared in unified format via unified interfaces
2. All designed interfaces should be based on some existing commonly used standard (e.g. OGC, WIS, INSPIRE, OpenWeather, etc.).
Before taking a new task, group will ensure that necessary pre-requirements are fulfilled:
1. There is a identified need and use case for the service
2. Each institute have resources to implement the service
Group has identified following scope of services where standardisation would be beneficial:
* warnings (CAP)
* Time series (observations and forecasts)
* WMS (images)
* Gridded data
So far following use cases are envisioned
* Sharing open data (warnings, time series, WMS, gridded data)
* Common archive
* Disseminating HPC data
* Forecaster workstation backends
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