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# WG back-end, meeting memo
Mon 12.2.2020 11:00-12:00 (UTC+2), Remote
## Participants:
Roope Tervo , lead architect, FMI<br>
Petri Vuorio, alert expert, FMI<br>
Mikko Rauhala, head of production, FMI<br>
Gjermund Haugen, MET <br>
Linus Larsson, SMHI <br>
Tomas Karlsson, SMHI <br>
## Agenda:
* RSS and/or Atom feed
* OGC API Feature service
* Issues
## Notes
* Feeds
* RSS recommend by Eliot Christian ('WMO')
* MET have only RSS
* Some users prefer Atom
* Fat or thin Atom feed (are warnings included in the feed)?
* If Atom is supported, it should be fat
* Language
* MET have separate feeds for each language but they refer to the same document
* No language versions of the CAP, all languages within one document
* RSS support only one language --> separate feeds for each language
* Atom support languages but should not be used here
* We should have different feeds for each language
* OGC API Feature service
* None of the institutes do not have resources at the moment
* GeoWeb will need this anyway
* Roope will contact KNMI and suggest that common definition (and maybe implementation) should be made
* Handled issues
* Rest of the issues are handled 'offline'
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