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Remote meeting memo

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# WG back-end, meeting memo
Mon 25.11.2019 10:00-11:50 (UTC+2), Remote
## Participants:
Roope Tervo , lead architect, FMI<br>
Petri Vuorio, alert expert, FMI<br>
Mikko Rauhala, head of production, FMI<br>
Helen Korsmo, system developer, MET Norway<br>
Tomas Karlsson, lead architect, SMHI<br>
Håvard Futsæter, Lead API development, MET <br>
## Feed and Filtering Services
### Current status
- RSS-feed
- filtering service with one point (lat & lon):
- quite much logic in the presentation layer
- overlapping polygons
- no filtering
- separate XML and JSON files (same information)
- based on CAP-information model
- no open feed available
- prototype atom-feed open but not public
- private WFS service with JSON-format, provided to clients as well
### Desired status and plans
- Service for simplified feed
- JSON-format next year?
- CAP meant primarly for data exchange
- internal data model, turned to CAP and other formats
- discussion to provide a simpler JSON-format
- push service for professionals (common portal in Sweden, VIS)
- going to open public feed soon (atom, RSS or both)
- no plans for other public services but those could be provided
### Harmonising services
#### RSS/Atom/other
- RSS and Atom dying format?
- WMO and MeteoAlarm will require that also in the future
- All institutes will need to provide this feed at least for some time still
- SMHI use more Atom feeds in open data general
- what should be used in id (atom) / identifier (rss), the same id with CAP data format
- OASIS CAP Feed Specification ( says that both RSS and Atom is good (used also by WMO)
- SMHI prefers Atom
- Both are fine to FMI
- MET could most probably provide the both feeds
- Helen will email to WMO
#### OGC API Features (WFS3)
- would be most probably popular among open data users
- (Geo)JSON-format encoding?
- API and data format needs to be defined still
- possibilities to create common translation/backend software
- FMI has node OGC API Features service
- MET use java, go and python (node could be ok as well)
- SMHI have services using node (old system done with java)
- KNMI need to be contacted
- check status early next year if we have resources to go ahead
- very rough estimate about required resources (6 man months)
## Next meetings
- 13th Dec 13:00 UTC+1
- 12th Feb 10-11 UTC+1
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