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# Request New CMIP6 Data
Please fill in the required information below.
We will download all possible combinations. If this is not what you want, you
will need to open more issues.
The information must be given in two parts: First some common characteristics,
such as `source_id` and `experiment_id`, need to be given in the "General
Information" secion.
Then there is a section for every table from which you would like to request
## General Information
For every line you can either enter a single value or a comma separated list of
Typical `source_id`s are `EC-Earth3-Veg-LR` or `NorESM2-LM`.
Typical `experiment_id`s are `historical` or `ssp126`.
The `variant_label`s are normally ripf-quadrupels given as `r1i1p1f1`.
Alternatively, the special value `all-members` is allowed if you want to request
the download of data for all available ensemble members.
* `source_id` (aka model):HadGEM3-GC31-LL
* `experiment_id`:historical
* `variant_label`:r1i1p1f3
## Variables
Please make a new subsection for every table from which you want to request
Then, place a simple list of all the variables you would like to request.
We leave here an example section that would request the download of `tas` and
`pr` from the Amon table.
Please delete this example section and instead place your own request.
If you are unsure about the correct table or variable name, please have a look
at the CMIP6 data request at
### Amon
- rsdscs
- rsuscs
### Lmon
- treefrac
### LImon
- snc
/label ~Request
/assign @a002307
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