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This git project is related to the EU OSeaIce project (Two-way interactions between ocean heat transport and Arctic sea ice).

Welcome to the wiki pages of the OSeaIce git project!

The goal of the OSeaIce projet is to explore the two-way interactions between ocean heat transport and Arctic sea ice, using the EC-Earth coupled atmosphere-ocean global climate model. A depiction of the main ocean currents going to the Arctic is shown in the figure below.

I have performed different types of model sensitivity experiments with EC-Earth3.3.1.1 (NEMO3.6-LIM3 ocean-sea ice model coupled to IFS cycle 36r4 atmosphere model) using the standard resolution (T255-ORCA1, 100km nominal resolution in both the atmosphere and ocean):

  1. Global experiments: experiments in which I modified the value of certain ocean coefficients globally (e.g. eddy viscosity, bottom drag coefficient)

  2. SST restoring experiments: experiments in which I restored the SST in a selected region to a certain value

  3. Albedo experiments: experiments in which I decreased the value of the sea-ice albedo.

I have also performed sensitivity experiments with the high-resolution configuration of EC-Earth (T511-ORCA025), see High resolution.

Another ongoing work is the analysis of CMIP6 data in terms of Arctic sea ice and ocean heat transport, see CMIP6.

Please let me know if you have any question or comment regarding this project:

Carmack2015_Fig3 Figure: Ocean circulation in the Arctic with the main currents. The Atlantic Water (in red) is one of the main drivers of Arctic sea-ice changes [Credit: Fig. 3 of Carmack et al. (2015)].