Commit 02dde888 authored by Lars Bärring's avatar Lars Bärring Committed by Klaus Zimmermann
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Index function temperature_sum (closes #81)

parent 481f542b
......@@ -1466,7 +1466,7 @@ indices:
standard_name: integral_of_air_temperature_deficit_wrt_time
proposed_standard_name: _
long_name: Heating Degree Days (Tmean < {TT}C)
units: degree_Celsius
units: degree_Celsius days
- time: mean within days
- time: sum over days
......@@ -88,3 +88,18 @@ index_functions:
kind: operator
kind: reducer
description: |
Calculates the temperature sum above/below a threshold. First, the threshold
is transformed to the same standard_name and units as the input data.
Then the thresholding is performed as condition(data, threshold), ie
if condition is <, data < threshold.
Finally, the sum is calculated for those data values that fulfill
the condition after subtraction of the threshold value. If the sum is for
values below the threshold the result is multiplied by -1.
kind: quantity
kind: operator
......@@ -289,3 +289,37 @@ class ThresholdedStatistics:
comb = self.lazy_condition(data, self.threshold.points)
res = self.lazy_reducer(, data), axis=axis)
return res.astype('float32')
class TemperatureSum:
def __init__(self, threshold, condition):
self.threshold = threshold
if condition in ['>', '>=']: = lambda d, t: np.maximum(d - t, 0)
self.lazy_fun = lambda d, t: da.maximum(d - t, 0)
else: = lambda d, t: np.maximum(t - d, 0)
self.lazy_fun = lambda d, t: da.maximum(t - d, 0)
self.extra_coords = [threshold]
def prepare(self, input_cube):
self.standard_name = input_cube.standard_name
if input_cube.units.is_convertible('degC'):
self.units = 'degC days'
raise RuntimeError("Invalid input units")
def call_func(self, data, axis, **kwargs):
axis = normalize_axis(axis, data.ndim)
threshold = self.threshold.points[0]
res = np.sum(, threshold), axis=axis)
return res.astype('float32')
def lazy_func(self, data, axis, **kwargs):
axis = normalize_axis(axis, data.ndim)
threshold = self.threshold.points[0]
res = da.sum(self.lazy_fun(data, threshold), axis=axis)
return res.astype('float32')
......@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@ setuptools.setup(
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