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<h2 align="left">Observational data </h2>
Observational data comes from mora data base. We only use WMO stations which are located on the sea or close to the coast. Figure 1 shows the location of the mora stations on the sea. Note that not all these stations located at the height 10 m or around it. That is, we only use those stations having a height around 10 m. The data is retrived from mora website in a json format.
<div style="border:4px solid green;margin:0 auto; width:75%;height:auto;">
<div style="border:1px solid black;margin:0 auto; width:80%;height:auto;">
<img src="stationmap.bmp" width="100%" class="c_image">
<p>WMO stations located on sea</p>
<p style="margin 0 auto;text-align:center;">Figure 1: WMO stations located on sea</p>
<h2 align="left">Results </h2>
In the comparison between the model and observation, we look at the time series of the wind component and also the scatter plots.
We also calculate the correlation coeficient between the model and observation. We only show the results of 5 stations as there is many stations.
<h2 align="left">Conclusion</h2>
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