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svg.h is added

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#ifndef SVG_H
#define SVG_H
void create_svg(float *y, int N){
float xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax;
//N = 50;
xmin = 0; xmax = (float)N;
ymin = -0.5; ymax = 0.5;
char filename[] = "ssh.html";
int w=640, h=400; // pixel size on screen
// Add a little empty space around the plot
float left, right, top, bottom;
left = xmin - 0.1*(xmax-xmin);
right = xmax + 0.1*(xmax-xmin);
bottom = ymin - 0.1*(ymax-ymin);
top = ymax + 0.1*(ymax-ymin);
// Begin SVG file
FILE *f = fopen(filename, "w");
fprintf(f, "<html><body><svg xmlns=\"\" version=\"1.1\"");
fprintf(f, " width=\"%dpx\" height=\"%dpx\"", w, h);
fprintf(f, " viewBox=\"%f %f %f %f\"", left, bottom, right-left, top-bottom);
fprintf(f, " preserveAspectRatio=\"none\">\n");
fprintf(f, "<g transform=\"scale(1.0 -1.0)\">\n\n");
// Create axes
fprintf(f, "<polyline points=\"%f,%f %f,%f\"", left, 0.0, right, 0.0);
fprintf(f, " style=\"fill:none;stroke:grey;stroke-width:%f\" />\n", (top-bottom)/h);
fprintf(f, "<polyline points=\"%f,%f %f,%f\"", 0.0, bottom, 0.0, top);
fprintf(f, " style=\"fill:none;stroke:grey;stroke-width:%f\" />\n\n", (right-left)/w);
// Plot data using a polyline element
fprintf(f, "<polyline points=\"");
for (int n=0; n<N ; ++n) fprintf(f, "%d,%f ", n, y[n]);
fprintf(f, "\" style=\"fill:none;stroke:black;stroke-width:%f\" />", (right-left)/w);
// Complete the HTML file
fprintf(f, "\n\n</g></svg></body></html>\n");
#endif /* end of SVG_H */
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