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A small adjustment of boarder value

parent 367855a6
......@@ -30,13 +30,14 @@ public class IsoSplineFactory {
public Polygons createIsoPolygons(IsoApi matrix, String polygonsName, IsoLevel isoLevel, boolean closeAroundTheBorder){
double borderValue = max;
for(int r=0; r<matrix.getRows(); r++){
matrix.setValue(r, 0, min);
matrix.setValue(r, matrix.getCols()-1, min);
matrix.setValue(r, 0, borderValue);
matrix.setValue(r, matrix.getCols()-1, borderValue);
for(int c=0; c<matrix.getCols(); c++){
matrix.setValue(0, c, min);
matrix.setValue(matrix.getRows()-1, c, min);
matrix.setValue(0, c, borderValue);
matrix.setValue(matrix.getRows()-1, c, borderValue);
......@@ -18,9 +18,9 @@ import org.json.JSONException;
public class Main {
public static final boolean CLOSE_AROUND_THE_BORDER = true;
public static final int ISO_LEVELS = 1;
public static final int ISO_LEVELS = 3;
public static final boolean TEST = false;
public static final int MIN_POLYGON_SIZE = 1000;
public static final int MIN_POLYGON_SIZE = 500;
public static final boolean FILTERED_VALUES = false;
public static final boolean ORIGINAL_VALUES = true;
public static final int FILTER_WIDTH = 2;
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